Beautiful! Kagura Gets New Epic Skin Mobile Legends (ML) Esports

Beautiful! Kagura Gets New Epic Skin Mobile Legends (ML) Esports

New Season New Skin! Bakar Diamond Demi Skin Epic Kagura | Mobile Legends~Instagram: @hpezet Tutorials :https://www.y.


124K views, 525 likes, 92 loves, 137 comments, 111 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from Mobile Legends: Bang Bang: Long Forgotten Pearl in the Depth of the Sea. Kagura Epic Skin - Soryu Maiden.

New Season New Skin! Bakar Diamond Demi Skin Epic Kagura Mobile Legends YouTube

It doesn't stop there, Kagura will get a revamp on September 21, 2021. After which he will also have his newest Epic skin. Kagura is indeed famous for its skin that has a beautiful face that can anesthetize its players. Especially male players who crave waifu in the Mobile Legends game. In the latest revamp update, Kagura's basic skin also.

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Kagura Epic Skin Soryu Maiden Gameplay With Saitama Mobile Legends YouTube

Epic Skin - 4/10 5. Cherry Witch (Good). This is a beautiful skin, and a must-have for Kagura users and skin collectors. This skin exudes a classic Japanese flavor. She is dressed in the style of a traditional Japanese princess, who as part of their sovereign tradition were trained in fighting and using weapons. Its water lily-themed visual.

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So Yeah! This is Kagura All Skin Comparison

New Skin Kagura Epic Skin Collector Skin Date Release MLBB YouTube

If we assume that every epic skin has the same drop rate, with 27 epic skins, you have 3,7% chances to get the exact skin you want. So if you only want that skin, I wouldn't do it. But if you're okay getting another skin, then sure! No. It's extremely low. I even got the transformer bumble bee instead of Kagura.

Mobile Legends Kagura Epic Skin Soryu Maiden Gameplay YouTube

Long Forgotten Pearl in the Depth of the Sea.Kagura Epic Skin - Soryu Maiden available soon.#MobileLegendsBangBang #MLBBNewSkin

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Kagura epic skin - Soryu Maiden is now available for a limited time from Nov.15th to Nov.21th!. Video. Home. Live. Reels. Shows. Explore. More. Home. Live. Reels. Shows. Explore. Kagura - Soryu Maiden. Like. Comment. Share. 325 · 18 comments · 97K views. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang · November 15, 2018 · Follow. Long Forgotten Pearl in the.

Kagura Soryu Maiden Epic SKin in Different Graphics Settings MLBB YouTube

Watch Until End Okey 😉Upcoming New Skin Kagura | Epic Skin | Collector Skin | Date Release | MLBB• ••Thx for watching my video, I hope you all can subs my l.

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Kagura Epic Skin - Soryu Maiden. MLBB 83644. MOBILE LEGENDS BOOT CAMP VOLUME 9 : KAGURA - TIPS, ITEMS, SPELL, EMBLEMS, TRICKS, AND GUIDE. Toym Traveller 151347. WARRIOR'S LAB S2 KAGURA THE MOST DIFFICULT MAGE GEAR AND SKILL TEST. Hororo chan 351174. PERFECT MID - Top 1 Global Kagura by ᶰᵛ ғᴇɴʀɪʀ - Mobile Legends.


But this kagura epic skins limited that worth 4000dm.. How about dev shows an effort to epic skin limited ingame model .. Reply reply More replies. tz_ReverseFlash • This is why my interest in skins isn't much.. The epic skin is worth more than an Arcana in Dota 2 and the Skin quality, I think, is not really equivalent to what it's worth

Kagura New Epic Skin Soryu Maiden Mobile Legends YouTube

Kagura New Epic Skin " Chinese Sleeping Lotus " 💯 Kagura Nee Upcoming Skin!#mlbb#kagurarevamp#kaguranewskin#MLBBNewskin#Kagurarevampskin#MobileLegendsBan.

Kagura Epic Skin Soryu Maiden Game Highlights Mobile Legends MLBB YouTube

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KAGURA SKIN SURVEY WINNER Skin type Special/Epic r/MobileLegendsGame

Nah, she's supposed to be a Japanese school girl who got powers from her Umbrella heirloom. So it's supposed to look like that because the Umbrella is literally ancient and Kagura here is a modern school girl. The discription of the survey literally states that the skin is about modern exorcist that got powers from an anciet artifact. 6. Ameetsa.


The Kagura Dragon Maiden skin has a price of around IDR 1,250,100 or 5000 Diamonds, which we have to spend if we want to have it. The nominal amount also explains that this Kagura Skin is really cool, not to mention the effect when you use it in a match. Kagura Dragon Maiden's appearance is indeed cool, especially if you can create a Combo.